Shian Teruyuki Okazaki (April 21, 2020)
In Deepest Sorrow
It is with tremendous sadness that we inform you of the passing of Master Teruyuki Okazaki.
Sadly, he passed on Tuesday, April 21st after contracting the Coronavirus. Master Okazaki was 88 years of age and dedicated his life to spreading Shotokan karate-do, as well as his instructor, Master Gichin Funakoshi’s philosophy through the Dojo Kun and Shoto Niju Kun throughout the world. His goal was to do whatever he could to promote peace, understanding and acceptance of all cultures.
We will forever be in his debt for always being a giving person both in knowledge, spirit and genuine kindness.
Master Okazaki always made a point of instilling in his instructors and students to remain humble and keep a beginner mind – Shoshin ni kaeru.
At some point in the future we will have a memorial for him, however, Philadelphia, PA USA is under a state mandated lockdown.
Also, please do not send anything to ISKF Headquarters at this time because we are not permitted to open the office until the lockdown is lifted.

Kangeiko 2020

Recent black belt graduates

Congratulations to ISKF of Montana’s latest graduates to Yondan 4th blackbelt on September 6th, 2019. Brian Monnier and Nolan Zimmerman. Brian is the VP of the ISKF of MT board members, and Nolan is the President of the ISKF of MT board.

ISKF of Montana will be closed Thursday July 4th and Saturday July 6th for the holiday weekend. Classes resume as scheduled Monday July 8th. Have a safe a wonderful 4th!! 

Medalists from ISKF Nationals in Sioux Falls, SD – Nov 2 – 3, 2018

Faryn Veach – 1st kata, 1st Kumite 5th kyu 8 Yrs old
Evan Veach – 2nd Kata, 2nd Kumite, 5th Kyu 10 yrs old
Shepard Rajkovich – 1st in Kata, 3nd in Kumite, 4th kyu 10 yrs old
Lucy Rajkovich – 2nd in Kata, 2nd Kumite 8th kyu 11 yrs old
Ashley Denison – 1st Kata 1st Kumite 4th kyu 16 yrs old

The Montana team placed 4th in kata.

ISKF International Youth Tournament results.

Oct. 6 – 8, 2017 – 2nd Annual ISKF Juniors Tournament Port Moody, BC, Canada.

Faryn took 3rd place in kata, 1st place in kumite, and best in her age group! Evan took 2nd place in kata, and 2nd place in kumite!